Fresh Blips is the creative portfolio of Nicholas Clark: Artist, Technologist, and Hacker

Inspired by the Mighty Boosh episode, Nanageddon, some friends and I endeavored to create a sound system using a “nana trolly” as the base. Combining the forces of cheap electronics from ebay, a dollar shop trolly, and some ingenuity, we succeeded in building what is still my favorite project.



Nanageddon consists of the following components:

  • A nanabin, with a rocking red tartan
  • A small 12AH battery used for wheelchairs
  • A 12” subwoofer from Jaycar
  • A bluetooth head unit from eBay
  • Two 5 1/4” speakers
  • Two plastic containers to contain the air from the 5 1/4”s
  • Wire, spit, and hot glue

Some (crappy cell phone) photos from the build:

Measure twice, cut once.


Getting the components working together on the bench


The box a bit before we sealed it up. You can see the speakers, head unit, and port holes




The Infinity Prism

Blinky lights from another dimension


A recycling bin that shows our impact.

The Bleep Sequencer

Make music with your body. An art installation from Vivid 2014.