Fresh Blips is the creative portfolio of Nicholas Clark: Artist, Technologist, and Hacker

The Bleep Sequencer is an interactive audio/visual experience or Sydney Vivid Festival 2014.

Using infrared cameras, an individual is tracked on the outlined floor matrix and then displayed as corresponding notes on the screen. When the sequencer playhead passes over their position, a musical note sounds.

Users can collaborate to create organic, rhythmic patterns and musical soundscapes.

Collaborating with a niche selection of musicians and sound designers, the Bleep Sequencer creates an immersive and playful sonic experience.

Design concept shows how the user's position corresponds to an activated cell.

Built with openFrameworks, a Toby & Pete collaboration.



The Infinity Prism

Blinky lights from another dimension


A recycling bin that shows our impact.

Snake the Planet!

Snake from your old skool Nokia in a whole different light. Guerrilla interactive experience with MPU.