Fresh Blips is the creative portfolio of Nicholas Clark: Artist, Technologist, and Hacker

The Infinity Prism is a live performance installation made for electronic producer Harley Streten, Flume. It was conceived and built at the collective studio, Toby & Pete.

The visuals were driven by live audio, MIDI and OSC triggers from Harley’s Ableton laptop and allowed the prism to react and visualise everything that Harley was playing. The custom software which collated all these inputs and transformed them into pretty, bouncy visuals was made using openFrameworks. This software was primarily constructed by Lukasz Karluk.

The prism was completely custom made. The frame, LED panels and electronics were all constructed from scratch. Toby & Pete were responsible for the overall concept, and I focused on the electronics and software interfaces to control the prism. I was also responsible for programming a number of the effects. Shout out to Scott McDaid for his mad ninja skills and help on this project.




A recycling bin that shows our impact.

The Bleep Sequencer

Make music with your body. An art installation from Vivid 2014.

Snake the Planet!

Snake from your old skool Nokia in a whole different light. Guerrilla interactive experience with MPU.