Fresh Blips is the creative portfolio of Nicholas Clark: Artist, Technologist, and Hacker

Snake the Planet! by Mobile Projection Unit (Lukasz Karluk, Rene Christen, and yours truly) takes the classic mobile phone game Snake and adopts it for the urban canvas. When Snake the Planet! is projected onto buildings, each level is generated individually and based on the selected facade. Windows, door frames, pipes and signs all become boundaries and obstacles in the game. Shapes and pixels collide with these boundaries like real objects. The multi player mode lets players intentionally block each other’s path in order to destroy the opponent.

This installation was hugely popular. We’ve toured this one at a number of international digital art festivals including Vivid Sydney, Enlighten Canberra, Auckland Fringe Festival and many more smaller exhibitions.

As featured on:
New Scientist



The Infinity Prism

Blinky lights from another dimension


A recycling bin that shows our impact.

The Bleep Sequencer

Make music with your body. An art installation from Vivid 2014.